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Exterior Painting Services

Exterior Painting Services in Baltimore, MD

Exterior Paint jobs can last for more than a decade if you are meticulous when it comes to the prep work and vigilant to water-related building details. Proper flashing of doors, windows, and roofing compartments; maintained gutter systems; Caulking and Sealing the exterior siding gaps and joints, and properly venting excess moisture from interior rooms are all considered to be the main key factors.  At A-1 Renovations we consider the importance of these factors before we start any type of Exterior Painting project, and have compiled the following guideline to the homeowner who is planning to start an exterior painting project or to those who are searching for painting contractors.  

Identifying the Cause of Paint Failure  

Before you start scraping, sanding, or hiring the contractor, learn about your project and figure out why the current coating has failed and where it did. 

1. Intercoat Peeling – A new top coat of paint separating from the previous coat of old pain, is one of the popular cases of poor prep work. The most common reason is the chalky old paint was not washed off or sanded properly which results in a poor adherence of the new paint. Or, sometimes, the painter waited way too long between the base coat and the finish coats. The peeling paint will have to be scraped off, sanded, surfaces well power washed, and let dry before painting.  

2. Peeling Off in Sheets – Is a paint separation on a larger scale, perhaps an entire wall. This failure usually occurs on older homes that are lacking vapor or air barriers and most common on the sidings outside of the bathroom or kitchen walls, when moisture finds its way through the walls. If your old house has had insulation and vapor barriers, the flaking exterior paint may indicate trapped moister inside the walls, and may have rotted the framing. adding ventilation fans may significantly help the water vapors exhaust before causing damage. 

3. Chalky Surfaces – Is a natural occurrence and nothing to worry unless it is moderate, which usually is a result of lower grade paint. Because the new paint coating would not bond to the surface with a dusty-powdery surface, the surfaces will need to be power washed and scrubbed, allowing it to dry before any type of application of paint.  

4. Wrinkling – Is caused by a thick layer of paint application, painting when its too cold, not allowing the previous coat to dry before the re-coating, or the coating had a contact with a rain before it cured enough. The wrinkled surface will need to be power sanded before a new coat of paint is applied.

5. Graying Wood – It is natural for the wood that is left unfinished and is exposed to the sunlight. It also occurs when the siding has been sealed with a clear coating that overtime has degraded. Do not let the exterior wood material exposed to the outside elements, because the bare wood tends to get degraded fast. If you prefer the natural bare wood, make sure to protect it with a clear coating that contains UV-blocking components every 2-3 years. But if you prefer less maintenance with longer material life, then we recommend to cover the wooden materials with a weather resistant solid wood stain. 

6. Lead Paint – If your house was built before 1978 your exterior building materials may contain lead paint. So make sure to have a specialist test it for you before starting any sanding or scraping work. Even though it is outside, lead paint can still cause some damage in the people exposed to it and to you lawn plants and shrubs as well. So consider its danger and make sure to take the necessary steps to be precocious from the lead paint exposure.

Testimonials from Past Clients

"I will highly recommend A-1 to anyone looking for a company that is dependable and does a great job! We got a very good estimate after calling several painters. They were on time, worked hard all day and finished our job in promised time. I would call them again for anything I need done."

– Olivia C

"We have used Alisher and his team twice in the past several years. I would highly recommend A-1 Renovations to anyone. We were surprised with the high quality of the work for such a reasonable price. We have always appreciated the quality and efficiency of the work as well."

– Ashley W

"This is the third time we have had the privilege of working with Alisher and his crew. This time we replaced kitchen tile, lighting and painted. We also redid our bathroom with a new vanity, and paint. Alisher and his helpers are so pleasant to work with."

– Eilen D

"The services we received from A-1 Renovations were absolutely outstanding. We had twp bathrooms remodeled, and Alisher and his team were meticulous and left everything clean and sparkling. His skills and honesty would be greatly appreciated by any customer."

– Pnina M

Exterior Painting Services – What it Takes

In this article, we have put together the important information that any homeowner must know before starting their next exterior painting project, and what it takes to have long-lasting results.

1. Prep Work – The importance of the proper preparation of the exterior surfaces could be the main reason to either same or loose thousands of dollars on your exterior painting project. Poorly performed prep-work could result in a failure of the paint job in very next year. Always make sure to have all the needed steps done before applying any type of coating on the surfaces, including steps such as power washing, scrapping off the peeling paint, sanding the degraded surfaces, applying the proper types of primers, caulking and sealing the exposed cracks, removing rotted material, and etc.

2. Optimal Conditions – Make sure to consider the impact of the weather on a newly applied fresh coat of painting. Check the weather prior to scheduling your painting work done. Waiting for the forecast of multiple dry days before the start of the work as well as after the completion day would ideal. The morning mists should also be evaporated before the application of a paint. The humidity closer to 90% is not recommended as well, for it does not allow the paint to cure. The best range of the temperature for paint curing is 60°F to 85°F.

3. Quality equals Durability – Whether its the selection of a paint materials, tools or contractor to perform the job, keep in mind that spending little extra money could save you thousands in the long run. Quality costs more money but lasts longer. As far as what type of paint product to use on the exterior, we recommend Acrylic latex paints with higher sheen, such as “Duration – Gloss – Exterior” from Sherwin Williams.  When it comes to exterior stains, usually recommend using the solid weather resistant stain that contain water proofing agents. the rule for durability is, the more opaque and reflective the coating is, the more durable it is. Another important factor is having the trusted professional get your project done. It is very common to find contractors who bids low to get the job, and makes shortcuts to earn more. 

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