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Interior Painting Services

Interior Painting Services 

A new coat of paint is one of the most popular ways to update a home. A-1 Renovations provides interior painting services in Baltimore, MD, so that you can customize the spaces that you love. 

Interior Painting

A new paint job makes your home feel free and beautiful. The color you pick can change the whole atmosphere of a room. The right color and application process in interior painting can even overcome some aesthetic architectural deficiencies.

However, beautiful interior painting requires proper preparation and training. Skilled painters know how to prepare the walls for bright and long-lasting colors. They also know how to protect the surrounding living space from spills or other damage. When done right, a few new paint jobs can increase the value of your home – not to mention the added comfort and beauty they can provide.

All of our painters are highly skilled and experienced. When they paint in your home, you will always get great results and professional service. 

Partner in Design

For more than 12 years, we have provided residents of Baltimore, MD, with interior painting and other home renovation services. We help customers outfit the home of their dreams with several different kinds of painting services in addition to interior painting, we offer: 

When you work with A-1 Renovations LLC, you get a partner in design. Our team of designers and painters will walk you through the design process and find the best solution for your home and your family. We will help you establish priorities in your project and make a master plan for your renovations. We combine your desire with our experts to design a home that you will love. 

If you need interior painting services to complete your home, call us today at (443) 622-1926. We offer free consultations and free quotes on all interior painting projects. 

Testimonials from Past Clients

"I will highly recommend A-1 to anyone looking for a company that is dependable and does a great job! We got a very good estimate after calling several painters. They were on time, worked hard all day and finished our job in promised time. I would call them again for anything I need done."

– Olivia C

"We have used Alisher and his team twice in the past several years. I would highly recommend A-1 Renovations to anyone. We were surprised with the high quality of the work for such a reasonable price. We have always appreciated the quality and efficiency of the work as well."

– Ashley W

"This is the third time we have had the privilege of working with Alisher and his crew. This time we replaced kitchen tile, lighting and painted. We also redid our bathroom with a new vanity, and paint. Alisher and his helpers are so pleasant to work with."

– Eilen D

"The services we received from A-1 Renovations were absolutely outstanding. We had twp bathrooms remodeled, and Alisher and his team were meticulous and left everything clean and sparkling. His skills and honesty would be greatly appreciated by any customer."

– Pnina M

Interior Painting Services – Guidelines for Homeowners

In this article we have put together the important information that any homeowner must know before starting their next interior painting project. 

1. Identify the Scope – Identifying the scope of work always helps to stay withing your budget and avoids unnecessary costs. If your priorities are to change the color of walls, you may not have to paint the ceilings, doors, closets nor the trim. Ceilings are commonly painted in white or off white and the existing condition of your ceilings might be just fine. If there are few marks and minor imperfections on the ceilings, usually you can get along with only touch-up. However, if the existing ceiling has cracks, nail-pops, water damaged ares, color variations, or incorrect sheen, it would be best to include them on your scope. Same goes for the doors, trim, and closets. So, identifying what exactly needs a fresh coat of paint, could well save you money and time.

2. Prep Work – Pay close attention to look at the existing conditions of all the interior surfaces. you may find drywall cracks, nail-pops, dents, holes on the walls, loose tape, stain marks, rough surfaces from the previous paint job, peeling paint, etc. Preparing and fixing any of those issues you may find would be ideal task to do before applying any paint. 

3. Choosing Colors –For many homeowners, choosing colors for their interior painting projects is a big deal. It is not rare, where the homeowners choose a color, and change their mind after they see them on their walls, which would of course cost them more then they planed. At A-1 Renovations we recommend that you do not make your final color selections based on the online images, because the same color will appear differently from screen to screen. We strongly recommend that you visit the nearest paint store and select multiple color pallets of your choice to take home. Hold each selection on the surfaces you want to paint in different areas of your space, because colors do look different under certain lights. Once you have narrowed down to only few or couple selections, visit the paint store again and purchase paint samples tinted in the colors you have selected.   

4. Choosing The Right Paint Products and Brands –Before purchasing paint, make sure to check the surfaces to be painted and consider the conditions it will need to endure. Is it Interior or exterior, what is the existing coating of the surfaces, what is the finish or sheen you want, are the types of questions you may want to answer to decide what type of paint you would need to purchase. Paints that are formulated for the exterior projects have additives that provide more durability but produces substances you would want to breath indoors. Some existing coatings may require special preparations such as priming or special type of a new coating, so getting an advice from a professional is suggested if you are not sure on what the surfaces have previously been coated with. Paint coatings have different finishes or “Sheen” ranging from Flat to Eggshell, to Satin, to Semigloss, to Gloss, with few more variations in between them. Different suppliers tend to name the sheen of their products differently. In general Flat is dull and from low to almost no reflection. Flat finish is typically used and recommended for the regular ceilings, and sometime for the walls to hide most of the minor imperfections. Eggshell, or as called by some manufacturers, Low-Sheen, Low-Luster, Mate, Flat-Enamel, etc. is commonly used for the walls… 

Why Choose A-1 Renovations LLC?

Whether it’s a small interior painting project or a full home makeover, at A-1 Renovations LLC our professional contractors efficiently and mindfully proceed with your project from start to finish meeting your complete satisfaction.

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